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the thousa◆nds of Americans em●ploy

◆ake as many fr●iends as poss◆ible, its foun■der Ren Zhe〓ngfei told Chinese m〓edia on Tuesday when■ asked why Hu○awei didn't use subs■titutes before the U■nited States to●ok the lat

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ed by the

  • U.S.● companies ●that do business w◆ith Huawei,●" said Cath?/li>
  • 鬳rine Chen, a D〓irector of the Boar●d at Huawei, in a■ The N
  • ew York ◆Times article on Fr〓iday. "A to〓tal ban on H
  • uawei e●quipment co●uld eliminate ten●s o

f thousands of

  • ●American jobs."
  • A●lthough Huawei do
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〓es not do ■much busine■s

  • s in the Unite●d States, the■ company is the ◆sole provi○der of networki■ng equipment 〓to many rur●al American inte◆rnet providers●, according to a CN○N article on 〓Tuesday."Those co○mpanies have said it● will
  • take time■ -- or may be ○impossible -- to rep◆lace their Huawe●i technology○ with a rival's,◆" it added.As a ●move to ease● the repercussion○ of the ban, the ○U.S. Department of● Commerce 〓on Monday ●issued a 9○0-day tempor

ary lic●ense loosen●

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